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Demut - comfortable stay in the centre of the megapolis.

A cozy three-star hotel is located in the 18-th century building typical of old St. Petersburg, just 50 meters from Nevsky avenue and 600 meters from the main railway station of the city – Moskovsky. Our hotel meets all the demands of pampered travelers: the interior design created by a team of professionals, comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses, excellent soundproofing of rooms – we have taken care of everything, so that you would feel comfortable.

The convenient location will allow you to feel the history of the great city the moment you go out of the hotel. Unsurpassed architecture, centuries-old monuments and picturesque views which you can enjoy, standing on any bridge – everything here bears the stamp of legacy of the past. It is in this district of St. Petersburg where the past and the present are in perfect harmony – numerous cafes with homemade food and fine dining restaurants, shopping malls and global brands stores, modern art galleries and antique shops sit side by side with magnificent palaces which used to belong to famous aristocratic families, with museums full of unique exhibits and legendary bridges over the Big Neva.

Only a several minutes walk away from Nevsky avenue, which never sleeps, will leave the noise of the main city artery behind your back. We have made provisions for every small detail, so that you could enjoy your comfortable stay in our hotel. Our rooms with contemporary design have all facilities for proper rest. Our guests arriving by car can use the hotel parking lot free of charge. Our receptionists will be glad to help you with any problems round-the-clock. Open your heart to St. Petersburg, and we will open our doors to you! 


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